Thank you for stopping by!  Everything on my site has been expertly handcrafted from start to finish in my shop.  When you order a knife know that you will be ordering a custom piece that has had a lot of focus on craftsmanship and functionality.  I also make all of my sheaths to custom fit the knives as they are ordered.  These knives are made to be used, and with proper care can continue to be heirloom quality.  

If you are stopping by again, welcome  back, you will notice things have changed quite a bit.  Since my books are closed all the models have been moved onto model pages versus in the shop where they were previously listed with the option to price them all out.  

Books are currently closed in order to try and catch up to make room for the Folder Project.  Orders will open back up probably towards the end of the year but will only be released a few at the time as blanks are available.  This will hopefully help cut down on wait times quite a bit!

If you don't already follow me on Facebook and join the Screech Owl Knives group(https://www.facebook.com/screechowlknives/)  to get inside the shop action, chances to grab available pieces, and show off your Screech Owls!   I am also on Instagram as Screechowlknives.  

Current Wait Times

90% of my work is custom orders which leads to fuller books and wait times. I will occasionally create pieces that are made to be sold upon completion to give folks who do not want to wait or can't get on the books a chance to get a knife.  

You can expect current wait times to be between 7-10 months.  

My knives run in the ballpark of around $375 and upwards of $1500+ for some really customs pieces with rare materials.    

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

 Additional Items such as Hanks, Pry Bars, Multi-Tools, Flaring Dies etc.  will only be available as they are made.   

Blade Show Update:  

I will be setting up with the North Carolina Knife Makers Guild at their booth periodically on Friday and Saturday.  I will have a handful of knives available for purchase.  I hope to see you there!

Screecher Breechers 

These Multi-Tools are made out of 1/4" Titanium and come in either a stonewashed or anodized finish.  Features a bottle opener on the ears or beak, 1/4" Hex bit Eye, and pry wing tip.  Carry it on your key chain and see just how handy it can be!

Liner Lock Folders

I am slowly entering the world of Folders.  I had the opportunity to take a class with the Jones Brothers and came away with a lot of great information that has left me confident in my designs. 

House Made Micarta! 

My wife has been testing batches of Micarta using a variety of materials and based on multiple tests proving it's stronger than what we have been purchasing we are now offering it as a new handle material option!  These can be made by request or you can choose from what we already have made!


Elite Editions:

This is something I am very excited about!  I am kicking things up a notch and creating a new class for my existing models.  When you order an Elite edition you will be getting a proven design with exotic materials making it the ultimate heirloom piece.  Exotic steels and premium handle and sheath materials will be used for Elite editions.  Most will require special ordering for materials so added wait times will apply.    
Thicket Buster Elite

Oak Bottom Hunter Elite

Harpoon Critter Elite

New Model: The Grub