This knife is my baby!  It is the perfect EDC or compact skinning knife.  Clip it in your pocket before you go bow hunting or out on the town.  This knife has got a few variations that can make it look so different but its the same basic design used every time.  This knife can be worn as a neck knife or is Tek-Lok Compatible so you can carry it in the small of your back.  This knife is a pleasure to hold and use!  The Critter is the go to knife for everyday tasks.

Knife Specs:

Made of 1/8" Thick CPM 154 Stainless Steel

6-3/8" Overall Length

2-3/4" Blade Length

3/4 Flat Grind

This model comes standard with:

Black Micarta or G10 Handle

Stainless Flared Tubes

Basic Black Kydex Pocket Sheath

Standard Critter with Basic Filework

White G10 Handle with Blue G10 Liner, Black Kydex with Pocket Clip

Stonewashed Critter with Swedge and Basic Filework.  

OD Green G10 with Orange G10 Liners.  Real Tree Kydex with Orange Accents.

Critter with Harpoon Swedge.  

Desert Ironwood Burl Handle with Leather Pocket Sheath.

Critter with Swedge 

Carbon Fiber and Lime OD Green G10 Handle.  Carbon Fiber Kydex Sheath.

Wharnie Poon Critter: Features a Wharncliffe Blade with Harpoon Swedge

Critter Wharnie Poon


These are done a bit differently than my other models.  I make them one at a time with variations and are made available to folks who are on the Tanto List.  Here are a couple that I have made so far.

This one I made in the Battle of the Guild at our local NC Knife Makers Guild meeting in 4 hours flat!  I placed in second behind someone that has inspired me for a while so I still considered it a win!  



When designing this knife my goal was to create a very useful knife that anyone could appreciate.  I looked at what was in use today and saw that the box cutter is the go to knife of many professionals.  I utilized the straight edge configuration and thin ergonomic handle, and based my design around these principles.  When designing the knife I thought a glass breaker on the end would be a great feature for the ultimate utility blade.  It is the perfect knife for simple tasks such as opening up boxes and cutting rope, but is still durable enough to defend yourself.  I believe this knife is an evolution of the most used blade in the world. 

This model was pictured in both Blade and Knives Illustrated!

Knife Specs:

CPM 154 Stainless Steel

9" Overall

4.25" Cutting Edge

This knife comes standard with:

Handle: Black Micarta or Black G10

Glass Breaker or Rounded End

Stainless Flared Tubes

Oversized MDB with Harpoon 

Carbon Fiber Handle with Orange G10 Liners.  Carbon Fiber Kydex Sheath with Orange Rivets

MDB with Standard Swedge and 3 Flared Tubes.  

Carbon Fiber Scales with Orange G10 Liners.

Standard MDB without the Glass Breaker.

Black G10 Handle with Orange G10 Liner.  Black Kydex Sheath with Stainless Hardware.

Harpoon MDB

Abalone Scales

MDB with Swedge and Stainless Corby Bolts

Giraffe Bone with OD Green G10 Bolsters


This is my Combat Survival Knife.  It comes standard in 3/16" CPM 154 .  The handle is thin but surrounds the hand for comfort and a great sureness of grip.  The commander can be made with a wood handle and without a swedge to make the knife more bush capable.  This is the perfect knife for any survival situation whether in an urban or desolate location.

Knife Specs:

3/16" Thick CPM 154

10" Overall Length

5" Cutting Edge

This model comes standard with your choice of:

Handle: Black Micarta or Black G10

Hardware: Stainless Corby Bolts

Sting Ray

One of my newest models!  It's very light in weight, 4" blade with false edge, smooth recurve, sharpening notch and a good tip. The 01 Tool steel is a smidge over 1/8". The handle is black and grey G10.Stonewashed. Top false edge

Jungle Lore

I started this knife in 2015 and just got around to finishing it! Its made out of CPM 3V with an OD Green Micarta handle with Black and OD Green Liners. Blade Length: 5-1/8" and a tad over 10" Overall. Matching Kydex sheath completes the package.